Streetphotography with Alex Webb

Rome — with Rebecca Norris-Webb and Magnum Member Alex Webb.

I am thrilled to ride my bike in the hectic traffic of this city which is rough, and at the same time accessible, young and open minded.
Pope ‚Papa‘ Benedict found a wonderful place at the entrance of the former Peroni Brewery in Garbatella where he can say hello to all the people taking a short break for a tittle-tattle before returning to their daily task.
On the traces of Heinrich Riebesehl, I found different abandoned and solitary spots neglected in everyday life. Vault Garages to repair newest Mini one’s or Superwalls of the 70’s near super Highways are evidence of the inevitable stride towards the new.
When old men with dogs get a first glimpse of the day while the sporting before business generation takes over the parks, you feel that this mingling on the streets of Rome is an incentive to your mind, motivating you to take the next step.
Each bar in your vicinity serves the best espresso. This time to exchange a few words with the people inside and to hear a chaotic multitude of languages, is an unforgettable experience. I like it. And I’m wondering if the Italians are the better drivers, as they have to keep an eye on the next biker..


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